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Nawitka serves private & public sector organizations, globally, in the Renewable Energy & Clean Technology and Forest Products Sectors.


A. Within the Renewable Energy & Clean Technology Sectors, we focus on:

  1. Bio-Energy/Waste-to-Energy

  2. Green Chemicals

  3. Distributed Power

  4. Power Storage


B. Within the Forest Products Sector:

  1. Timberland

  2. Solid Wood products

  3. Pulp and Paper

  4. Bio-Energy/Bio-chemicals





Renewable Energy and Clean Technology Sectors

  • Assist emerging companies in raising capital and helping them establish relationships with institutional investors and strategic partners.

  • Advise public sector entities in how to develop a commercially successful Renewable Energy & Clean Tech Sector.


Forest Products Sector

  • Help formulate transformational strategies for existing companies; and,

  • Advise institutional and strategic investors on global timberland investment and development strategies, with an emphasis on the solid wood and renewable energy markets.


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