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Hear what others have to say about us.

“Nawitka is a smart, savvy, high integrity firm with an extraordinary combination of deep market knowledge, practical hands-on experience and extensive global connections. This makes them an outstanding advisor to clean tech management teams seeking expert advice on growth, strategy and capital markets.”

Jonathan Rhone, CEO, Axine Water Technologies, Chair, British Columbia Cleantech CEO Alliance (former CEO Nexterra Systems Corp)



“The Nawitka Team is unique in the combination of its expertise in capital markets, understanding of emerging technologies, insight into the forest industry and global network of partners. It is the reason we chose Nawitka to lead the developement of Canfor's new long-term strategic plan, and we are glad we did.”

Don Kayne, President & CEO Confor Corp.



Don Roberts has consistently got it right. He has a unique capacity to ground his analysis in the immediate facts while situating it in the big picture. He also consistently does it right executing with great skill and integrity. We have been colleagues for 12 years, and each year my respect grows.”

Avrim Lazar, Convenor Global Salmon Initiative (former CEO Forest Products Association of Canada)

What the street says:

Selected Invited Presentations at Professional & Industry Fora (Since 2010)

  1. Markets & Financing for Advanced Biofuels: An Investment Banker’s Perspective, Vancouver (Canada), May 2019

  2. Future Demand for Biomass and Investment Potential, Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, Victoria (Canada), November 2018

  3. Balancing Environmental, Economic and Social Goals in the Bioeconomy: Important Trends in the Forest Industry, MEGAflorestais Working Group Annual Meeting, Storforsen (Sweden) June 2018

  4. Canada’s Forest Products Industry: Issues to Consider, Forest Products Association of Canada, Gatineau (Canada), May 2018

  5. Structural Changes in the Bio-Products Sector: An Investment Perspective (Keynote), New Value of Bioeconomy Seminar, Pellervo Economic Research PTT, Helsinki (Finland), November 2017

  6. Policy Driving Innovation, SPARKS 2017, Connecting Innovators & Advancing Technology, Edmonton (Canada), November 2017

  7. Thoughts on the Forest Industry of the 21st Century, Forest Stewardship Council General Assembly, Vancouver (Canada), October 2017

  8. International Experience with Auctions for Renewable Energy: Lessons for China, China Center for Energy & Development, Peking University, Beijing (China), December 2016

  9. An International Perspective on the Levelized Cost of Electricity: Reference for China, China Center for Energy & Development, Peking University, Beijing (China), December 2016

  10. Bio-Energy & Chemiclas: Follow the Money, International Bio-energy Conference, Prince George (Canada), June 2016

  11. New Developments in Green Growth Around the World, MEGAflorestais Working Group Annual Meeting, Xishuangbanna (China), April 2016

  12. The Paris Agreement: Implications for Forest Industry, Energy and Forest Agencies, MEGAflorestais Working Group Annual Meeting, Xishuangbanna (China), April 2016

  13. Access to Capital and How to Finance a Forest Sector Transformation, BIOFOR International 2016, Montreal (Canada), February 2016

  14. Financing Tidal Energy: Lessons Learnt from Other Renewable Sectors, International Tidal Energy Summit, London (UK), November 2015

  15. Bio-Refiing Projects: How to Actually Make Them Happen?, BIO Energy Expo, Toronto (Canada), May 2015

  16. Opportunities in the Forest Sector, Sylvicon 2015 Conference, Fredericton (Canada), February 2015

  17. Feedstock for Emerging Bio-Resource Technologies, Innovacorp Bioresource Forum, Halifax (Canada), February 2015

  18. Project Finance for Ocean Energy: Issues to Consider, International Conference on Ocean Energy (Halifax), November 2014

  19. The Future State of the Natural Gas Market in North America: Where Could the Consensus Be Wrong?, Study prepared for corporate client, July 2014

  20. Two Key Trends in the Global Forest Sector: The Growth of China and Bio-energy, MEGAflorestais Working Group, Buea (Cameroon), May 2014

  21. Key Drivers of Change Impacting the Global Forest Sector: So What? Our Natural Resources: Changing Faces, Changing World, Ontario Professional Foresters Association AGM, Thunder Bay (Ontario), April 2014.

  22. Excess Capital in the Global Economy: If So, So What? Of Threats and Opportunities: Exploring Canada’s National Security Interests in 2025, Academic Outreach Program, Canadian Security and Intelligence Service, Ottawa (Ontario), February 2014

  23. Progress and Barriers in Renewable Investment, Keynote Address at AMEC2013, London (UK), November 2013

  24. What’s in Store for the Renewable Energy Sector? Global Dynamics and Financing Realities, Bio-refining Conversion Network Strategic Retreat, Banff (Alberta), November 2013

  25. International Wood Fiber Markets (and Emerging Shocks), MEGA Florestais Working Group Annual Meeting, Bali (Indonesia), October 2013

  26. Key Drivers of Change Impacting the Global Forest Sector, Who Will Own the Forests Conference, World Forest Institute, Portland (Oregon), September 2013

  27. The Emerging Clean Tech & Renewable Energy Sector (and Implications for the Forest Products Industry), Residues and Resources Conference, Auckland (New Zealand), April 2013

  28. Investing in Clean Technology: A Banker’s Perspective, Sr. Management Retreat, Environment Canada, Ottawa (Ontario), March 2013

  29. Fueling the Transformation of the Global Forest Products Industry: Opportunities in Bio-Energy and Solid Wood Products, 2nd Annual Latin American Forest Industry Conference – LATINA, Sao Paulo (Brazil), March 2013

  30. Economic Outlook for the Lumber Sector: Is a Housing Recovery Enough? Montreal Wood Convention,  Montreal (Quebec), February 2013

  31. Important Changes in the Global Market for Wood, China Forestry Association, Beijing (China), November 2012.

  32. Financing the Renewable Energy & Clean Technology Sector: CIBC’s Perspective, Ontario Energy Association Annual Meeting, Niagara Falls (Ontario), October 2012

  33. A Whirl Wind Tour of Investment Trends & Issues in the Global Bio-Energy Space, 2012 TAPPI Conference, Savannah, (Georgia), October 2012

  34. The Solid Wood Industry in North America: Key Drivers Going Forward, RISI’s 27th Annual North American Forest Products Conference, Boston (Mass), October 2012

  35. Clean Technology: Incentives & Financing, Caribbean Investment Forum, Trinidad, May 2012.

  36. An Investor’s Perspective on Bio-Energy, World Bio-Energy Conference, Jonkoping (Sweden), May 2012

  37. Macroeconomic Drivers & Financing: Current and Projected Financial Issues & Impacts, Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference, Washington (DC), April 2012

  38. Building Blocks for a Sustainable Economy: A Financial Perspective, Globe 2012 Conference, Vancouver (BC), March 2012

  39. Thoughts on Transforming the Forest Sector in Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Forest Products Association Annual Meeting, Halifax (Nova Scotia), January 2012

  40. Where is New Clean Energy Financing Heading in Five Years? , Global Clean Energy Congress, Calgary (Alberta), November 2011

  41. The Clean Tech Sector: A Banker’s Perspective, Canadian Clean Tech Summit, October 2011, Ottawa,

  42. Global Trends in Wind Energy Finance, Annual Meeting of the Canadian Wind Energy Association, Vancouver, (B.C.), October 2011

  43. The Competitive Landscape for Renewable Energy, Clean Energy: Backbone of a Sustainable Economy, Annual Conference of Clean Energy BC, Vancouver (B.C.) September 2011

  44. Bio-Energy: A Critical Assessment, Presentation to the Government of Nova Scotia, Halifax (Nova Scotia), August 2011.

  45. Re-invigorating the Forest Products Sector Through the Co-Production of Energy, Fuels, Chemicals and Novel Materials, International Bio-refining Conference, Houston, (Texas), September 2011.

  46. Financing Clean Tech: Setting the Scene, VerdeXchange 2011 Toronto Green Marketmakers Conference,  Toronto (Ontario), June 2011

  47. Governments - Will They Stay Engaged in the Renewable Energy & Clean Tech Sectors?:  A Global Perspective, Clean Technology as an Engine of Economic Growth, The Energy Roundtable, Vancouver (B.C.), June 2011

  48. Status of Investments and Finance for Biomass-Based Energy and Sustainable Forestry, New Ideas to Scale-Up Investments to Reduce Deforestation, Increase Restoration, Energy and Employment, Hosted by Rights & Resources Initiative, Washington, (D.C.), June 2011

  49. Hot Spots in the Bioenergy Space, Keynote Address, B.C. Bioenergy Network Conference, Vancouver (B.C.), May 2011.

  50. The Thermo-Chemical Platform: Bio-Refinery Pathways to Drop-in Fuels, The World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology & Bioprocessing, Toronto (Ontario), May 2011

  51. Financing the Green Economy, Ontario and the Green Economy, Sponsored by The Mowat Centre, Corporate Knights and Sustainable Prosperity, Toronto (Ontario), May 2011

  52. The Forest Sector in Transformation, Assembly of First Nations & The National Aboriginal Forestry Association Joint National Forum, Ottawa (Ontario), April 2011

  53. Global Government Commitments to Bioenergy Subsidies and Incentives Relevant to International Forest Industries, Residues to Revenues 2011 Conference: Turning Bio-Energy Potential into Profit, March 2011 Rotorua (New Zealand) & Melbourne, (Australia), April 2011

  54. Energy’s Role in Transforming the Forest Industry, Forest Sector Investment and Financing Forum & Bioenergy Seminar, Sponsored by the Food & Agricultural Organization of the United Nations,  Buenos Aires, (Argentina), November 2010

  55. The Global Competition for Land: the 4 Fs (Food, Feed, Fiber and Fuel), keynote address at the Facing New Paradigms: The Forest Industry in the Second Decade of the 21st Century, Sao Paulo, (Brazil), September 2010

  56. Energy’s Role in Transforming the Forest Industry: A Global and Latin American Perspective, Facing New Paradigms: The Forest Industry in the Second Decade of the 21st Century Conference, Sao Paulo, (Brazil), September 2010

  57. Financing Innovation, Discovery 2010, Ontario Centers of Excellence, Toronto (Ontario), May 2010.

  58. Toward a Sustainable Energy Future: Roundtable, Corporate Knights E3 Canadian Roundtables, Toronto (Ontario), May 2010

  59. Energy as a Tool for Influence: Implications of the Recent Economic Crisis and Technological Change, Prosperity and Security: The Challenge of Uncertain Economic Times, Global Futures Forum Series sponsored by the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service. Ottawa (Ontario), April 2010

  60. The Effectiveness of Incentive Programs for Clean Energy: An International Comparison, The Canadian Clean Tech Summit, Ottawa (Ontario), April 2010

  61. A Corporate Bank’s Perspective on the Feed-in-Tariff Landscape for Renewable Energy, Ontario Green Energy Act Finance Forum, Toronto (Ontario), January 2010

  62. Transforming the Forest Industry: Insight from the Future Bio-Pathways Project,, Canadian Council of Forest Ministers Annual Meeting,  Toronto (Ontario), January 2010


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